Chimney Mt.

Great Views! Cave Complex! Beautiful Hike!

Chimney Mountain

Chimney Mt. is a small mountain, only rising 2,700 ft. above sea level. It is a very popular mountain in the central Adirondacks. There are three factors that contribute to Chimney’s popularity. The first factor is that the summit offers 360 degree views (make sure you leave the chimney and proceed on to the true summit!).  The second factor is that the trail to the summit is a steep class I trail that is just over a mile long, making the mountain accessible to many hikers of all ages. The third factor is a geologic oddity. Just below and before the summit there is a chimney formation. Along with the chimney there is a system of caves and rock crevasses. The chimney and other rock formations provide many opportunities for climbing scrambling and caving.  The large cave is named Eagle Cave and probably requires some caving experience and specialized equipment, but intrepid explorers can enter the cave and descend one level.  Better caves are a “walk-through” and these are the ICE CAVES on Chimney.  Descend into the rift valley between the Chimney and the Summit and explore around!  Scroll down for Interactive Map and Map of Ice Caves.

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