Blue Ledge on The Hudson River

Access to the Hudson River Gorge - Camping & Fishing!

Blue Ledge on The Hudson RiverBlue Ledge on The Hudson River

Blue Ledge on The Hudson River – The Blue Ledge Pool is the popular lunch stop for whitewater rafting trips on the Hudson.  Foot trail access is via the Northwoods Club Road off Rt. 28N in Minerva.  Drive all the way into Huntley Pond where you’ll see a “Trail To” sign and a small parking lot.  Blue Ledge gets it’s name from the blue/grey rock forming the ledges.  In winter this forms a large ice fall and the Blue Ledge is a great destination for snowshoers or backcountry skiers.  The hike in about 3 miles and is not difficult.  More Hikes Here

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Blue Ledge Trail Head, Huntley Pond, Northwoods Clud Road, Minerva

Blue Ledge Trail, 3.5 miles to the Hudson River
Huntley Pond