Balm of Gilead Mt, Wm. Blake Pond, Hooper Mine

3 Great Hikes near Garnet Hill in North River!

Balm of Gilead, Wm. Blake Pond, Hooper MineBalm of Gilead, Wm. Blake Pond, Hooper Mine

These are three short hikes all near the Ski Shop at Garnet Hill Lodge.  You can begin the hikes at The Old Farm Road Trailhead or at the Ski Shop.  The views from the summit of Balm of Gilead and the top of the Old Hooper Mine are spectacular!  These hikes are perfect for families or hikers that just want a short time out on the trails.  They also make a great ski or snowshoe destination in winter.  Log House in the map below is Garnet Hill Lodge.

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