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A Community Wide Art Participation Program!

Kate Hartley and son Clayton

The North Creek Mosaic Project

Artist Kate Hartley saw the large concrete wall on Main Street in North Creek as the perfect canvas for a very unique, very large-scale art project. Fast forward to today, and slowly, but surely, beautifully colored tiles and stones are advancing down Main Street in North Creek. They’re taking the shape of a raging river, tree-covered mountains, and a shining sun, highlighting the activities that make the region special, like whitewater rafting, skiing, and fishing. What was once a 180-foot stretch of bland, concrete wall is being transformed into “one of the largest pieces of public art in the North Country” thanks to the efforts and vision of Hartley and over 700 volunteers.

above paraphrased from Jessica Morrissey on

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The North Creek Mosaic Project

The North Creek Mosaic Project
Across from Cafe Sarah, 260 Main St., North Creek, NY 12853
Kate Hartley

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