Camp Orenda, GlampingCamp Orenda, Glamping

Our private canvas cabins each are uniquely located in their own private, natural setting throughout the rolling terrain of Orenda. Here you can relax and enjoy our contemporary rustic designed interiors and lush furnishings while being surrounded by nature. Each guest will have more than enough personal space, and ample activities to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the retreat while accessing the backcountry of the Adirondacks at your leisure.

Explore one of the hundreds of unique hikes, winding rivers, and calm lakes throughout the Adirondacks and unwind with our all inclusive dinners at night. Glamping in true Adirondack fashion.

Orenda Website CLICK HERE

90 Armstrong Rd Johnsburgh, NY 12843

Camp Orenda
Orenda is located 
at: 90 Armstrong Rd, Johnsburgh, NY 12843
Orenda Website CLICK HERE!

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